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Introducing... Nick Punto Day! | January

Whether you love him or hate him, Nick Punto can draw both the best and worst out of people.

A lot of Twins fans think Punto shouldn't be in the major leagues; some say he is extremely under-valued. The opinions on this utility infielder fall not into just these two buckets, however, but dozens.

How do you view Punto? Where should he be playing? Why does manager Ron Gardenhire insist on inserting him into the lineup day after day?

Answer these questions and more on Feb. 12, Nick Punto Day! On this date, feel free to let loose your varying opinions on Punto, whether via your own blog, through either an email to me, or as a comment on any one of the dozens of Twins blogs on the interwebs.

So, on Feb. 12, share your thoughts on one of the most controversial subjects in the Minnesota clubhouse: Nick Punto!