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Baseball's Most Important Position | November

By noon on Wednesday, December 1, several of my favorite baseball bloggers will be posting their answer to this question: "What is baseball's most important position?" The question is purposely vague and open to interpretation. How do you define "importance?"

Alex Gallardo | Associated Press (via LA Times)

Here's my take on the question:

Green Valley News: Ranking baseball's most important positions

What is baseball’s most important position?

The answer to this seemingly straightforward question depends entirely which question you ask yourself: No. 1: Which position is most essential for fielding a team on any given day? No. 2: Which position has the greatest impact on any given game? Or, No. 3: Which position would you address first if you were building a team from the ground up?

In terms of skills and abilities, the pitcher would be the toughest position to do without on any given day. A strong outfielder could throw the ball over the plate at a high velocity, but that patchwork solution wouldn’t last long.

The starting pitcher is also the winner of my second question, as he has the greatest influence on the outcome of the game, often pitching six or seven innings.

But the third question is by far the most interesting and subject to debate. In order to be a successful team, which position needs to be given priority?

To read the rest, please visit the Green Valley News' (recently-upgraded as of Wednesday) web site!

Below you can find a compilation of every answer to the question of baseball's most important position. If your blog entry isn't listed below, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and I'll be sure to get it up there!

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